MORE BOAT LESS MONEY. Helmsman Trawlers offer top quality at factory direct pricing.

All Helmsman Trawlers feature proven, sturdy construction methods,
exceptional craftsmanship, quality materials and equipment, and capable
hull designs.

The Helmsman Trawlers Story

Helmsman Trawlers, based in Seattle, WA USA builds boats for customers who want to cruise. These are not dock queens, but long-range, capable designs that are comfortable, sturdy, and offer the satisfaction that comes with owning a very finely crafted boat. Helmsman Trawlers builds largely to
order, and does not sell through a dealership network with its attendant
markup. Costs are carefully controlled. Its dedicated yard in China is
extremely experienced and well-managed. So MORE BOAT LESS MONEY can be stated for good reasons.

Helmsman Trawlers Models

  • Helmsman Trawlers 43 Pilothouse – from $479,000 USD (more information coming)
  • Helmsman Trawlers 38E Pilothouse – from $409,000 USD (more information coming)
  • Helmsman Trawlers 37 Sedan – in single and two stateroom versions – from $384,000 USD (more information coming)
  • Helmsman Trawlers 31 Sedan – from $269,000 USD
  • Coming Soon – Helmsman Trawlers 43E Pilothouse

Chuck Gould reviews the Helmsman Trawlers 31 Sedan

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