Waterline Boats welcomes Tiffany Herrington - Brokerage Coordinator and Developer to the WLB Crew!

Growing up in coastal southern California, Tiffany developed a deep love for the water at an early age. While her family never owned any boats, she was fortunate to have friends who did, and jumped at every opportunity to get out on the water, whether to go deep sea fishing on a trawler, crabbing on a rickety old rowboat, or sailing in a catamaran.

Upon later migrating to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Tiffany took sailing lessons and relished the experience of learning to navigate and work harmoniously with the elements. She vowed to have her own sailboat one day, but first, her love of travel led her to Central America and then to Europe, where she lived for several years in Berlin — a dynamic and vibrant capital, albeit not a sailing-centric one.

Tiffany’s desire to realize her long-held dream of having a sailboat was stoked while traveling among the Greek islands one summer, where she was restricted to only being able to visit the islands that the ferries frequented. She longed to see the other less-inhabited islands dotting the horizon and decided then and there that it was time to pursue the sailing life she’d long imagined. She subsequently returned to the U.S. to the place she knew to be a perfect jumping off point for the endeavor: Seattle. She is thrilled to now own and live aboard her first sailboat, a humble but sturdy 1969 Bristol 33 sailboat, together with her equally enthused, boat-loving partner. Together they are working to get their vessel in the best condition possible and are eagerly anticipating the many adventures to come on the water.

The newest addition to the team at Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle, Tiffany brings with her a unique range of experience and diverse set of skills from two very different professional backgrounds: the legal field, and the brewing industry.

She relays: “To be able to work for people who are incredibly invested in and passionate about what they do, alongside a team of capable brokers who are driven to help other boat lovers find their perfect vessel, is an absolute pleasure and dream come true.”

Tiffany looks forward to contributing to this endeavor in her role as Brokerage Coordinator and Developer.

*Thinking of selling your boat? Call or email Tiffany at 206 282 0110 or tiffany@waterlineboats.com
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