Looking for the Perfect Boat Name Graphic? Look No Further than Our New Preferred Partner Margaux Marine Graphics

Margaux Marine Graphics: Displaying a boat’s name with quality style

The name of a boat is an important decision. Afterall, a boat name says a lot about the owners and their purpose for owning the vessel - not to mention it can also leave a lasting impression long after the boat has set sail.

With that, how the name is displayed is equally consequential. The name on the hull adds genuine style out on the water. Plus, the application of the name can be a key moment in which the boat purchaser begins to feel true ownership.

As a result, the creation of the graphic is a trusted job that requires high quality work. That level of craftmanship is what boat owners can consistently expect from Boatshed preferred partner Margaux Marine Graphics. We recently chatted with owner Margaux Serock, and had the chance to learn about the thought and work that goes into each graphic produced.

Delight and happiness for every customer

Based in Gig Harbor, WA, Margaux Marine Graphics provides graphic development, production and installation of boat name graphics. Since 1986, Margaux has been channeling her artistic skills into high quality graphics, always enjoying the challenge of creating unique images for boat owners.

To ensure satisfaction, Margaux goes above and beyond for all her orders. She lends what she calls “extra personal touch and balance” to the process of every boat graphic creation. Leaning into that personal touch aspect, Margaux says she will “…go the extra mile with each customer to provide a graphic that I hope makes them smile every time they see it.”

What she enjoys most about what she does, Margaux says, is “...the delight and happiness that my customers feel when they first see their name on their boat. Many say that now it truly feels like it belongs to them.”

Attention to detail, from start to finish

With the combination of a design degree and being a boater herself, Margaux has perfectly suited expertise for her nautical trade. With this background, she has crafted a creation process that includes:

· Understanding what a boat name means to an owner and why it was chosen.

· Photos and measurements of where the boat name will be. With this, she provides a proof during development. Unlike online companies that don’t require this, Margaux is able to guarantee satisfaction with the final product.

· If an image is desired, she helps customers choose and intertwine it into the name. Margaux will also thoughtfully suggest an image when she feels it will help enhance the marine graphic.

Margaux uses only the highest quality materials, and even developed a product all her own that uses 23K gold and silver leafing. All her products are built with the marine elements in mind and are thus strong and long-lasting.

Margaux’s detailed oriented production style is well summed up by her philosophy to, “…approach each project wanting the final outcome to be something I would be happy to display on my own boat.”

Using the Boatshed Seattle preferred partner program

By using the Boatshed preferred partner program, a 10% discount is available to all of Margaux Marine Graphics services. To connect with Margaux Marine Graphics, visit our preferred program page: https://seattle.boatshed.com/preferred-partners/vboat_construction/267010/

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