We at Waterline Boats / Boatshed believe that our preferred partner relationships are key to providing excellent service to our customers, and to that end, are pleased to partner with Emerald City Diving as our preferred underwater marine services provider.

Whether performing an inspection, replacing anodes, recovering a submerged item, dry docking a vessel or handling such tasks as hull cleaning and propeller removal, Emerald City has been the preferred diving service provider for boat and yacht owners in the greater Seattle area for over 20 years.

Emerald City takes pride in its work and holds an exceptionally high standard for its services, which are performed by a thoroughly trained and capable diving team with a strong understanding of the equipment, techniques and systems required to carry out diving services successfully. Customers can have complete confidence knowing their sailboat, power boat, trawler or yacht is being well cared for in the hands of these diving professionals.

Emerald City has earned a reputation for being communicative, efficient in the completion of projects large and small, and extremely honest and fair with regard to recommendations of work needing to be done and the associated costs. Customers report that it is a refreshing and rewarding experience to work with the Emerald City team; in turn, Emerald City is appreciative of being entrusted with the responsibility of being the “eyes” for their client when below the waterline. Emerald City further earns the respect of the Pacific Northwest boating community through its consistent use of the most environmentally friendly practices possible.

If you are in need of quality underwater marine services, you may connect with Emerald City Diving via any of the following Boatshed websites. A link to a contact form can be found within any Boatshed presentation, which provides the customer with a 10% discount on all services offered.

Boatshed Seattle
Boatshed Everett
Boatshed Tacoma

With its Preferred Partner Program, Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle seeks to connect trusted marine service and product providers to its customers, who are often involved in outfitting a recently acquired boat — this is just another way we make a boat purchase an easier and more enjoyable experience.