A note from our Managing Director:

We founded Helmsman Trawlers in 2011 with the purpose of building and delivering top quality trawler yachts at a remarkable price point by dumping the “supply chain” concept (which inevitably adds cost at each link), and replacing it with the simple idea of a direct-to-customer relationship. Our clear purpose allows for a cost-efficient and (we hope) FUN process for building our customers’ dream boats, and delivering and supporting those boats with our own knowledgeable people. The result — Helmsman Trawlers, founded 2011, have earned recognition and admiration for tough, reliable, and incredibly well-crafted trawler yachts, and for outstanding customer service. But until now Helmsman Trawlers have only been available in the U.S. and Canada.

Why would Helmsman Trawlers not be appealing in the U.K. and Europe? I can’t think of a reason. Unique and attractive boats of better quality at a lower price is a strong proposition!

I am happy to introduce Ian Sawkins, located in Largs, Scotland, as the newest member of the Helmsman Trawlers team. iansawkins@helmsmantrawlers.com

And we will soon have a new European website active, with information relevant to European customers.


Scott Helker