A Helmsman Trawlers 43 Pilothouse was offloaded at the Port Of Seattle earlier this week.

Once the 43 was lowered to the water our trusty tow boat pulled the Helmsman from the cradle. When clear of the cargo ship our Waterline Boats / Helmsman Trawlers offload crew boarded the 43 checked systems then started the engine.

The new Helmsman 43 owners boarded to join the offload crew and all were underway heading to the locks and then to the Waterline Boats docks to begin the commissioning process.

Are you interested in seeing the latest changes to the 43?
The new second cabin layout is fantastic!
The master stateroom easy access bed and additional storage is masterful!
But don’t wait too long…once commissioning is complete this Helmsman Trawlers 43 Pilothouse will be off cruising.

Call to arrange a viewing.
Not in the area? That’s OK. Call to arrange for a Facetime or Skype tour. 206 282 0110

No matter how you look at it…you’ll love what you see!

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