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Boatshed Seattle
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Randy was born in Indiana and raised in Texas, Randy Hacker love of boating came about of his family boating experiences as a child. Specifically his father, who loved to fish, and who often took Randy with him. While Randy doesn’t consider himself the most avid of fishermen, his memory of being on boats as a child influenced his decision to get into the boating business later in life. Randy had his first boat, a 14’ runabout, at the age of 17.

“When you’re at that age the first things you want are a car and a boat. We primarily water-skied and we did a little bit of over night camping, which was a lot of fun. That’s what ultimately led me into the brokerage business – the great memories from boating with family.”

Before becoming a broker Randy had a long career in the consumer electronics industry. This career eventually brought him to the Seattle area. Randy loved Seattle because it was (and still is) a city that embraces and is embraced by boaters. After decades in the corporate world Randy was ready for a change.

“I just wanted to do something that gave me the ability to help people enjoy the boating experience — because this the BEST area to enjoy boating.”

Randy started his brokerage career in Seattle in 1999. He jumped right in, working with a company that builds large boats (65’-92’) and visiting their factory in Taiwan many times.

In 2011, the Northwest Yacht Brokers Association referred Randy to Scott and Lisa Helker of Waterline Boats. Randy admired their business values, how they treated their customers and employees, and what they were doing with the new Helmsman Trawlers line. He has worked for Waterline Boats ever since.

Currently Randy owns a sailboat in partnership with another broker in the Waterline Office, enjoying whatever time he can spend on his boat.

“Boating is probably one of the most therapeutic things you can do. Some people like to fly planes, some people like to fish, some people like to hang around the bar. I like hanging around boats.”

If you’re thinking you could use a little boat therapy talk with Randy.