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Boatshed Seattle 2400 Westlake Avenue N Suite 1, Seattle, WA 98109

About Phillip D. Swanson Sr.

I joined the Boatshed Seattle team in February 2022

What did you do before working with Boatshed?

For my family and I boating in the local Pacific Northwest waters and beyond is truly a lifestyle. My grandfather served as an USN Fire Control Technician and later settled locally & raised my father aboard his fishing boats. My father was also served in the USN as a Gunners Mate on a destroyer. I grew up on Hicks Lake just outside of Seattle Washington and my love for the water and boats lead me to owning a local yacht service business as well as becoming a broker. I also shared that love with my children, and my daughter chose to serve as a USN Medical Corpsman & my youngest son is gearing up to join the USCG. The love for the ocean and our local waters has been a part of our families’ legacy for four generations.

What do you enjoy most about working with Boatshed?

I really enjoy working directly with the Boatshed team and network as it enables clients’ boats and yachts to sell two times faster on average than other brokers. With over 70 offices around the globe Boatshed is the worlds largest independent yacht broker group providing unbeatable visibility. This ensures that every yacht we list is personally visited, appraised, photographed, videoed, and cared for by a professional Boatshed broker.

Are you a motorboater or sailor?

My love of the water allows me to enjoy both motor boats and yachts.

What is your most memorable boating experience?

For me personally being a yacht broker is not really about selling boats. My most memorable experiences boating are simply just spending time with my family on the water, and being a broker is about sharing that experience and lifestyle with others. I find that when people are on or near water they are their best selves. Today I’m thankful I have the opportunity to help people obtain the dream of having those experiences and enjoying that lifestyle just as I have.

The innovation and IT systems employed by Boatshed are leading edge and are constantly being developed. These effective designs make listing and selling your yacht or boat faster, easier, and more cost effective enabling us to match a potential buyer and seller more efficiently. Today Boatshed has over 1,000,000 registered customers looking for boats.

Boatshed has embraced the technological revolution utilizing every resource available to market and brand boats. The online platform is the very best in the industry allowing the presentation of unlimited photographs of your vessel. The platform not only provides potential buyers the opportunity to view many photos but also brings video and virtual reality viewing to the potential buyer.

Give me a call if you’re thinking about buying or selling your yacht or boat, I am always happy to chat. Cheers!!!