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About Jamie McPherson

About Jamie McPherson

Growing up in Michigan, there was never a shortage of lakes to canoe, water ski or sail on; if it involved water, I loved doing it. After moving to the Pacific Northwest, I started scuba diving and “had” to buy a boat to dive on. This boat ended up being a 24’ Seasport Explorer that I (with the help of friends) set up perfectly for diving. I then discovered that cruising the PNW was just as fun, especially when combined with diving! I first cruised the San Juans and saw my first Orca and Gray whales from that boat.

As one would expect, I soon found that as nice as the Seasport was, it was just too small for the cruising element of boating (officially called 2 foot-itis), and I started to shop boats. By chance, I started to work with Scott Helker of Waterline Boats. After looking at several possibilities, as well as several twists and turns in life, I ended up fulfilling my dream of owning the perfect boat for me. I currently own and live aboard a beautiful Helmsman Trawlers 38 Pilothouse in Tacoma, Washington (I ended up with 14’-itis).

I never get tired of pulling anchor after lying in a quiet inlet or bay, in the calm of the morning and then quietly, almost stealthily motoring towards open water, coffee in hand, door ajar to get the morning breeze, sunrise on the horizon, water lapping on the hull, gulls and osprey calling out and seals and river otters sticking their heads just above water to see who is disturbing their morning! Think I’m kidding? I just described something every PNW boater has experienced! Which makes me wonder “who doesn’t need a boat”!

As you might be able to tell, I love all things ”boat” so being able to "talk boat" with folks and help them with their boating needs is awesome. The fact that Boatshed Seattle and Waterline Boats is (in my opinion) the best platform out there (I have been both a seller and a buyer with them personally) just sweetens the pot for me!