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About Benjamin Owen

Born in the Rockies, Benjamin was raised fishing and cruising around the lakes and rivers of the mountains before moving west and discovering the limitless horizon of the ocean in California. But having grown up fishing and restoring boats with his grandfather, Benjamin was pulled between the waters of the mountains and the ocean. He finally found the best of both worlds in the great Pacific Northwest when he moved to Seattle asa young adult.

With a passion for engines and muscle cars,Benjamin bought his first Mustang 5.0 and began working on it when he was in high school. With this knowledge he became the youngest broker ever at a car dealership, and quickly earned the nickname “Mustang Kid” due to his beating all other brokers’ combined in selling the “Ponies”.

While a student at the University ofWashington, Benjamin was awarded a scholarship to travel and write a thesis abroad. He went first to Iceland and then to Germany. After completing his thesis he stayed in Berlin and was hired to the newly added position of U.S.Delegate Sales Manager for a leading business information company in Berlin, pursuing its first U.S. business.

As a lover of good beer, and after a few years in Berlin, Benjamin was observed a burgeoning craft beer scene taking root. His favorite brewery was “Schneeeule” (Snow Owl), the sole brewery in Berlin resurrecting the only beer style authentic to the city (the “Berliner Weisse”),which had been neglected for decades. His enthusiasm for their mission resulted in a position as the brewery’s Head Sales Manager.

While island-hopping in Greece, Benjamin and his partner launched a plan to fulfill their mutually-held life-long desires to sail and own a sailboat of their own, and they returned to Seattle to realize this dream. They now own and live aboard a 34-foot Bristol sloop. Benjamin has happily re-immersed himself in all things maritime and is thrilled to have the opportunity to help others find the powerboat or sailboat of their own dreams to support a lifetime of adventure.