Our Waterline Boats / Helmsman Trawlers crew offloaded another 2018 Helmsman Trawlers 38E Pilothouse last Friday!
It was a routine offload - everything went to plan.

The Waterline Boats / Helmsman offload crew arrived by land and water to the Port of Seattle.

- 2018 Helmsman was lowered to the water
- Pulled from the slings
- Brought along side the tow boat
- New owners and crew boarded
- System checked
- Batteries connected
- Engine started
- Helmsman released from tow boat
- Crew and new owners were underway

If you've been following the Waterline Boats Blog posts the past few weeks you'll know what happens next. The Helmsman 38E goes through the Ballard locks then on to our Waterline Boats Docks for commissioning.

- Mast is raised
- Anchor chain/rode attached
- Swim deck installed
- More systems checks
- Canvas covers, bimini constructed & installed
- Electronics installed
- Boat name installed - AmyAnn
- More....
- And so much more....

But the ending of this offload blog is a little different than our past blogs.

Following the completion of commissioning a captains meeting, systems operations training and boat handling training will take place. Then this beautiful Helmsman Trawlers 38E Pilothouse is headed to Bellingham to join the San Juan Yachting charter fleet!

Yes that's right! You now have the opportunity of chartering the Helmsman 38E Pilothouse yourself.
San Juan Yachting is located in Bellingham - the front door of the San Juan Islands. It is a highly praised charter program for boat owners and charter customers alike. Learn more about San Juan Yachting and how you can charter this Helmsman Trawlers - AmyAnn at > San Juan Yachting