We love talking to our customers and we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to talk to us so we've enabled commenting on our boats.

A comments box is available below every boat, including boats from the Boatshed Archive.

All comments will be moderated before being published on the site. Whilst we're not a fan of censorship we do wish to build a friendly constructive community and we feel there is no room for rudeness here. We've introduced a few basic rules that we ask you to adhere to:

Rule 1: No posting of your personal contact details. Please do not post your phone number or email address in the comments section. If you would like the boats broker to contact you, please use the 'contact me' button on the boat or email or phone the broker directly.

Rule 2: Be constructive not just negative. Not a fan of a particular boat? That's fine but please make sure you explain why. Purely negative comments without constructive criticism will not be published.

Rule 3: Be polite. No exceptions, rudeness will not be tolerated.

Rule 4: No spam. This is not a place to advertise your own services or add links to your own website.

A boats broker is notified when you comment on a boat; the broker will always try to respond to any comments or questions asked but, if you're enquiry is urgent or concerning purchasing the boat, please contact the broker directly.