We at Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle consider it important to work only with reputable companies in the local marine sector, and to then recommend these trusted providers to our customers who are often looking for advice. A hand-selected subset of these providers are our Preferred Partners – companies that take pride in their work and provide the best possible products and service. One such partner that goes above and beyond in its uncompromising approach to service and quality is Ontario Canvas, as demonstrated in our recent conversation together:

What services and products does Ontario Canvas provide?

We produce custom canvas work unique to each vessel and owner. Handmade products allow for a personalized project that meets individual needs with high quality results. Hydrofoil, wooden racing boat or U.S. naval vessel; we have done it all.

What sets you apart or makes you stand out in your area of expertise?
Founded in 1947, we bring three generations of family expertise to all of our projects. Priding ourselves on detail-oriented work allows us to focus on producing high quality work that meets the individual expectations of our customers.

What do your customers especially appreciate about you?

Offering custom work to our patrons, we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. Our repair policy and returning customer base ensure that all our jobs are of the highest quality to price ratio. We have always thrived on word of mouth recommendations.

What would you like others to know about your team?

Being a small team composed of three people, we take great pleasure in seeing our work out in the ‘wild’ and celebrating with our patrons. Hurricanes, snow, rain or shine, providing vessel protection and shelter continues to be our greatest joy in the industry.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Our team finds immense satisfaction in aligning all the “puzzle” pieces of a build. It is a lovely exercise in three-dimensional thinking that allows us to successfully accomplish each custom job. We thrive on a challenge! We are always ready for the next project.

Connect with Ontario Canvas via our Boatshed websites below. A link to a contact form can be found within any of our Boatshed presentations, and will reward the customer with a 10% discount on Ontario Canvas services.

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The above photo is just one example of the beautiful work and craftsmanship of Ontario Canvas. (Helmsman Trawlers 38E Pilothouse)