Thursday, 04 June 2015

These days Boatshed is one of the largest, most successful international yacht brokerages in the world, specialising in the sale and purchase of second-hand sail and motor boats. The business has grown into a major international business and a well-known cornerstone of the yacht brokerage industry in the UK and overseas from its early begins in Milford Haven Marina 15 years ago.

The business has experienced impressive growth during those 15 years. Today we have a team of about 120 specialist Brokers, Agents and Representatives, operating from 66 locations in 18 countries, supported by a central HQ team of 10 professionals, and we are in the process of further, significant, expansion.

Boatshed’s online sales platform is widely acknowledged as the very best in the industry. We have pioneered the clear and transparent marketing and sale of used boats online. Our IT systems are constantly being developed and improved by our team of dedicated designers to make it easier, quicker and more cost effective for our owners to list and sell boats, and for our customers to find the right boat at the right price as quickly as possible.

  • We have dealt with over 20,000 boats for sale so far using our cutting edge systems.
  • Today we have over 650,000 registered customers looking for boats to buy.
  • Our website attracts over 210,000 unique visitors each month.
  • We sell more than 1,000 boats each year.
  • We sell boats twice a quickly as other brokers, based upon independent industry statistics.

Boatshed is a dynamic, financially successful organisation, structured around local Brokers and marine businesses earning sales commission in a wide variety of circumstances. Boatshed brokers typically earn between £80,000 and £175,000 pa. Our franchise models are deliberately low cost to set up and operate, but include absolutely everything you need to successfully attract, list and sell used boats, along with every support service you might need to run your own successful brokerage business.

At the moment the Boatshed group is undergoing a structured programme of growth and franchise expansion. This is in response to the increased globalisation of our business and our customers requiring our services in more and more locations throughout the UK and internationally - in both traditional and newer boating markets. It is undoubtedly the case that the strengthening economy and improving marine sales environment are ideal foundations for Boatshed growth. Our low cost, fully supported franchise models offer the perfect way to enter, develop and take advantage of the increasing market opportunities in the boat sales sector. Our business is rapidly expanding in both the established and emerging marine markets, in the UK and internationally, presenting excellent opportunities for new Boatshed Brokers in most sectors.

I thoroughly recommend becoming a Boatshed franchisee. I own and run a profitable franchise using Boatshed's excellent systems and software. Everything a broker needs is provided, and much more, with attention to detail, effective problem solving support and innovative services. Boatshed's name and reputation attract quality boats and buyers and their sales platform is, frankly, the best in the business

Graham Wharmby. Broker, Boatshed Bourgogne, France

We offer 3 main routes to join Boatshed -

Franchise License

A Boatshed Franchise License enables yacht brokers and individuals new to yacht broking, to sell used boats as part of the Boatshed Network. It is the complete one-stop solution for used boat brokers.

A Boatshed Franchise License is ideal for (i) existing yacht brokers who wish to join one of the largest and most successful used boat sales networks in the world, and (ii) individuals new to the used boat sector, who wish to run their own business, with full support, as part of an established, successful local, national and international sales network.


Boatshed Partnership is an extremely flexible way to join the Boatshed used boat sales network. Whether you want to acquire a full license by part payments, or operate a local sales territory and share profits with Boatshed without your own license, Partnership arrangements are sufficiently flexible to include almost anyone wishing to run a Boatshed brokerage business.

Boatshed Partnership is ideal for (i) a new yacht broker who wishes to join the Boatshed Network as a franchise business owner, but is not immediately in a position to acquire a full license, or (ii) a new yacht broker who does not want to acquire a full license, preferring instead to operate a local territory in partnership with Boatshed.

A Boatshed Partnership can be tailored to an individual’s circumstances.

I operate Boatshed Portsmouth in partnership with Boatshed HQ. I have my own exclusive territory and run my own brokerage business, with helpful support and assistance from Boatshed. Boatshed’s Partnership business model ideally fits my circumstances and has proved extremely successful. Last year I was one of the group’s best performing brokers and Boatshed Portsmouth one of its best performing brands.

Sam Cassell Broker, Boatshed Portsmouth

Network License

A Boatshed Network License enables established marine sector businesses to sell used boats within the Boatshed Network, whilst maintaining the existing business’s profile and branding.

A Boatshed Network License is ideal for (i) an existing yacht broker who wishes to take advantage of Boatshed’s industry leading software and wide reaching sales platform as part of its sales strategy, (ii) a New Boat business that wants to sell used boats as well, (iii) a Charter business with used boats to sell and (iv) marine businesses which offer a range of products and services, that want to sell used boats.

Each Boatshed Network License is tailored to an individual business and will operate alongside that business.

Boatshed's sales network and well-known branding sit alongside my established marine services business. The two brands integrate very well together with Boatshed enabling me to offer additional services to my customers at an affordable price. This has proved a cost effective way to successfully expand my business into used boat sales

Trevor Bethell, Broker, Boatshed North Wales, & Abersoch Land and Sea

New Business Sales Manager

We are delighted to welcome to the group Adrian Geary as Boatshed’s new Business Sales Manager. Adrian is a very experienced businessman, who has set up and worked mainly with SMEs. He is an expert in franchises and agency sales, structures and processes. The used boat sector and marine industry are well known to Adrian - and he is a keen yachtsman to boot!

Adrian’s role is to introduce Boatshed to prospective brokers and new licensees. He is there to discuss our business products, franchise structure, sales network, start-up and operating cost, listings and broker earnings etc., with individuals and existing businesses who/which are interested in joining Boatshed’s sales network, and to assist and support you throughout the joining process.

Adrian is supported by Boatshed’s Business Development Team, which includes Head of Business Development Chrissie Capel and Founding Broker and MD Neil Chapman.

Whether you prefer a physical presence in a marina backed up by one of the largest largest and most recognised boat sales platforms in the world, or prefer to work from a home office, or your car, Boatshed’s flexibility and ‘business in a box’ approach will fit your requirements.

A Boatshed License provides everything that you will need to list and sell boats online through and to undertake the physical brokerage activities, including marketing and PR, the listing and sales process, vessel inspections and sureys, customer service and reporting and receiving commission. It is a genuine, high quality ‘one stop’ brokerage solution.

There has never been a better time to join Boatshed. 15 years of cutting edge development and over £3 million of focused investment has produced the industry’s leading online, cloud based marine sales platform. We are seeing real and sustainable growth in new listings, boat sales and new locations. Looking ahead, the group needs new ambitious brokers to take advantage of our success. Profits are up and I expect that trend to continue.

Neil Chapman

To learn more about our business products and how to join Boatshed, either as a new broker or as an established marine business, please visit our Boatshed Business website at: or get in touch with Adrian Geary